The Duke of Ravens

Title: Duke of Ravens
Contributors: Jennifer Monroe
Series: Regency Hearts #3

Do you believe in the legend of the Duke of Ravens?

Caroline Hayward, the Duchess of Browning, is married to a man thrice her age who considers her lower than the servants while he parades his mistress in front of her. Feeling unworthy of love, Caroline finds comfort with her son, Oliver.

Philip Butler is the gardener of Blackwood Estate, a quiet man who admires from afar the strength Caroline possesses. Although he wishes to stop the cruelty her husband inflicts on her, Philip knows his place in society keeps him from intervening. Upon the death of Caroline’s husband, however, Caroline asks Philip to be her protector, for there are those around her who seek the wealth she has acquired, giving him the chance to be in her presence more often than he could have before.

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